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Thorns For Raisel



"Thorns for Raisel is a gripping novel from Sandra Perez Gluschankoff and a superb meld of historical fiction and crime that starts in the heart of a crisis. It’s been a well-anticipated day for Veronica Simon, one for which she’s put in so much energy. The renowned activist Dame Salva, who championed women’s rights, is ready for her last address in a hall filled to capacity. But the famous activist is shot by an old hat-maker called Raisel Wisnik! Raisel refuses to speak to the police. She will only open up to one woman: Veronica. Her story starts in 1922 and involves slavery, a painful path that led her to where she was. But what is most mind-boggling is how she crossed paths with the legendary activist.

This is a story that will arouse emotions in readers and one in which the reader is torn between loving the criminal and having sympathy for the victim. The twists are powerful and at every moment, the reader has to pause and rethink how the story unfolds. The plot is complex and the characters multidimensional. Nothing is what it seems and the author deftly handles the themes of human rights, slavery, and freedom. What appears to be a random, senseless killing turns out to have strong foundations in a woman’s past. Thorns for Raisel is highly descriptive and the prose has a music of its own. The story starts with a bang that awakens interest in the reader, but the grip keeps them turning the pages, curious to discover why people are the way they are. It is a satisfying story for fans of historical crime."

Five StarReview- Readers' Favorite- Thorns For Raisel

Five Stripes for Franzisca's Box in The Zebra Press

Literary Gumbo, T.V. Santa Barbara

The Last Fernandez TV interview

Literary Gumbo, T.V. Santa Barbara

Franzisca's Box TV interview

Franzisca's Box 2016 Official Selection Award Historical Fiction. New Apple Awards for Literary Excellence in Independent Publishing
Franzisca's Box, Finalist in 2016 Goethe Book Awards-Historical Fiction

The Last Fernandez by Sandra Perez Gluschankoff is a historical novel that transports readers to a turbulent moment in history, allowing them to feel the dynamics of the Spanish Inquisition and the bloody war in Argentina. It explores what it meant to be a Jew at that time of the Inquisition and the horrors of war. Angelina is just six when she is sent to a Catholic convent where she would spend the next twelve years of her life. It is here that she makes a strong connection with Sara Fernandez, a strange woman whose presence takes her away from the stark loneliness of her life. Little does she know that she’d be linked eventually to the very life and heart of a Marrano family. What did it really mean to be a Jew during the time of the Inquisition and what does it have to do with a girl living many centuries after that event? 

The reader is taken on a dramatic ride alongside compelling characters. The writing is filled with emotions, and it is interesting how the author imbues her characters with life and a rare humanity. She melds elements of historical fiction with time travel to create an exceptionally tantalising reading experience for readers. The setting is strong and readers get a clear picture of the 15th century in Cordoba, Spain and Argentina during the late 1970s. The themes of political and religious persecution, family, and man’s inhumanity to man are developed with unusual mastery. The story is balanced and deft and the reader can feel the interconnections between the setting, the thematic development, character building, and conflict. The Last Fernandez is one of the best books I have read in the genre of historical events. It is intelligently plotted and written to perfection.

Five Star review- Readers Favorite-The Last Fernandez

Franzisca's Box is in the Top Ten novels to read-Latino Authors, 2016

The last Fernandez

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