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The Last Fernandez

International Bestseller- Award Winner

Little Angelina always dreamt about adventures in a faraway land. What she never imagined was that those dreams would take her to the past… her past.
After being inexplicably removed from her family in a small fishing town in Argentina, six year-old Angelina is sent to a Catholic convent, where she spends her next twelve years. During her lonely days at the convent, she finds solace in the company of a mysterious presence, by the name of Sarah Fernandez, which gradually reels her into the life of amarrano family living at the end of the Fifteenth Century in Cordoba, Spain. As Angelina embeds herself in the life of the Fernandez family, she understands that the presence is not a product of her imagination. Rather, Sara is the link to her secret past and her only hope for survival.

Set amid the notorious Spanish Inquisition and the murderous Dirty War in Argentina of the late 1970s, two women, more than four centuries apart, transcend the barriers of time and fight political and religious persecution to ensure the survival of their lineage.

The Last Fernandez is a story about courage, passionate love, unspeakable betrayal, and hope.

Franzisca's Box book trailer

Franzisca's Box

International Bestseller-Award Winner

Mystery, betrayal, murder, and passionate love were things Sofia Lazar only experienced as a movie producer. All of that changed after her grandmother’s sudden death when she comes face to face with an unwanted revelation contained in a tattered box. The meager contents of the box take her back to her childhood and the fantastic bedtime stories that Abuela, her grandmother, used to tell her of a heroic warrior girl named Franzisca. Now, two decades later, fragments of Franzisca’s stories creep back into Sofia’s life, tying Franzisca and her grandmother to an unknown past. With the memories of her childhood bedtime stories to guide her, Sofia sets out to piece together her grandmother’s mysterious history leading her to discover the truth behind her life.

Set against the backdrop of  World War II Romania, the immigration of Nazi criminals into South America, the later years of the Military Regime in Argentina during the 1980s, and present-day California, Franzisca’s Box is a story of war that ultimately affects three generations of women who will never find peace until they call for a ceasefire in their own wars and surrender to forgiveness and love.

Wednesdays With Maria

Bestselling short story

Wednesdays are the days for mates, gossip, and the reading of cards to foretell the future….

Caught in a web of deathly secrets in a country where corruption rules over truth, Andrea, a young investigate reporter, lurks between life and death. She ultimately leaves behind an unsolved mystery as legacy for her newborn daughter.

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